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Weed Management Areas
Next Meeting
April 5, 2016
3:00 p.m.
Ramada Inn
Kearney, NE

Welcome to the Nebraska Weed Management Area Coalition

The Nebraska Weed Management Area Coalition (NEWMAC) is a group of Weed Management Areas and private agencies and individuals who are concerned with stopping the spread of noxious and invasive plants located in Nebraska.

Weed Management Areas are local organizations that bring together landowners and managers (private, city, county, State, and Federal) in a geographical area to coordinate efforts and expertise against common invasive weed species.

The purpose of the group:

Facilitate cooperation and coordination among all land managers and landowners to identify and manage noxious and invasive plants in Nebraska.

Develop Education programs to further the efforts of the NEWMAC.

Identify funding and resources to help us control the spread of noxious and invasive plants.

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